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Estonia expresses its political support to Ukraine and opens its doors for joining the NATO CCDCOE

5. June 2021 - 12:58

This week, the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) held its 28th Steering Committee meeting. During the meeting, Estonia expressed its political support to Ukraine and to its joining of the CCDCOE.

The support by the Government of Estonia is part of a wider political effort to enhance cooperation with the Ukrainian authorities. It is one of Estonia’s priorities to strengthen defence cooperation and information exchange with Ukraine also in the area of cyber defence, among other cooperation fields.

Estonia supports Ukraine’s efforts to build robust cyber defences. Joining the CCDCOE could enhance this process of exchanging best practices between Ukraine and the CCDCOE, and ingrain democratic cyber governance to Ukraine. Estonia remains open to support Ukraine to join the CCDCOE.

The CCDCOE Steering Committee is the main body for guidance, oversight, and decisions on all matters concerning administration, policies, and operation of the CCDCOE. It approves and oversees the implementation of the budget, development plan, and Programme of Work, activities for each calendar year, of the cyber defence hub.

Since 2008, Estonia hosts the NATO CCDCOE in Tallinn. The CCDCOE belongs to a network of NATO-accredited Centres of Excellence and is staffed and funded by its sponsoring nations. The CCDCOE is not an operational unit belonging to the NATO Command Structure.

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