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The Government is inviting reservists to the defence readiness exercise OKAS/QUILL 2022

22. September 2022 - 16:25

The purpose of the readiness exercise is to practice the functioning of the reserve army. There is no direct security threat to Estonia. The exercise is conducted yearly with the Government decision and with no previous notice to the participants. The Estonian reserve-based defence model requires for reservists to be ready to react and participate in exercises at all times.  

The main purpose of exercise OKAS/QUILL is to test the national chain of command, from the Estonian Government decision down to the combat readiness of specific units in the rapid response structure. The exercise will take place from 22 to 28 September.  


On the proposal of the Commander of the Defense Forces, 2861 reservists from the 11. Infantry Battalionthe 16. Air Defence Battalion and the 42. Northeastern Territorial Defence District of the Defence League were invited to the readiness exercise. Persons in reserve whose units are called to the defence readiness exercise are required to report immediately to the designated assembly point.  


The task of the Defence Forces is to ensure that the state is ready for all situations. That readiness must be practiced and its efficiency increased through exercises during peacetime.  


In addition to defence readiness exercises, which are called together with no previous notice, the Defence Forces regularly gather reservists for smaller and larger exercises with 120 days’ notice, such as HEDGEHOG (SIIL) and SPRING STORM (KEVADTORM).