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Government renewed the National Defence Obligation Regulation

5. August 2021 - 16:29
Estonian Defence Forces´ readiness training exercise
Estonian Defence Forces´ readiness training exercise
Amendments to the National Defence Act were approved at today’s session of the Government, with which better preconditions will be created for the use of civil resources to ensure independent defence capability and the ability to receive Allies. At the same time, the National Defence Obligation Regulation will be completely renewed. A significant change will be the reimbursement of direct costs for the use of civil resources.
‘National defence tasks are based on the broad-based concept of national defence, according to which national defence is the responsibility of everyone. The feedback from companies regarding the burdens has been mostly positive, which shows that they understand and appreciate their clear role in restoring a normal business environment during the crisis’, said Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet.
It is necessary to assign national defence tasks, because even in times of crisis, the necessary support must be provided to the Defence Forces. According to the draft, by the decision of the Government of the Republic, things can now be expropriated and used compulsorily, even before the declaration of increased defence readiness, in order to organise readiness training exercises or participate in international military co-operation.
The introduction of restrictive measures, including coercive measures as a whole, will become more flexible and faster, for example, the decision to impose an obligation to work can hereinafter be delivered through news channels.
On the basis of the draft, technical amendments will also be made to the Road Transport Act, the Public Information Act, the Traffic Act, the Taxation Act, the Family Benefits Act Amendment Act and the Other Act Amendment Acts and the Income Tax Act. The current National Defence Duties Act 
is repealed by the draft.
The main task of National Defence and the National Defence Act is to ensure the security and functioning of the Estonian state in all situations, including in times of crisis and war. Defending the state requires a contribution from everyone, including companies. Preparations for various crises are concentrated in the Government Office.
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