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Government supports project by Ministry of Defence to develop the field of electronic warfare

27. December 2021 - 10:14

Last week the Government decided to provide EUR 1.1 million in support to the project ‘Development of the Field of Electronic Warfare in Estonia (EW)’, submitted by the Ministry of Defence of Estonia, for the purpose of promoting research and development.

‘The project in the field of electronic warfare supports defence capability, opening up a new and important field within the research and development activities of the Ministry of Defence,’ said Tiina Uudeberg, Undersecretary for Defence Planning at the Ministry of Defence.

Uudeberg added that the studies, and research and development projects within the area of government of the Ministry of Defence help contribute to national defence with their innovative solutions and support knowledge-based decision-making.

The project is important because very little research and development work is being done in Estonia in the field of electronic warfare, while, due to the topicality of the subject, it is also necessary to build capacity here. The use of electronic warfare components provides improved early warning and responsiveness.

A new direction for research will be created within the framework of the project, one that does not currently exist in Estonia, with local universities and defence industry companies in the respective field also being involved in the project over the long term. A technology laboratory will be established at the Defence Forces Academy, possessing the capacity to test innovative technologies and validate concepts.

As the field in question is quite specific, the plan is to carry out international research and development activities together with our Allies and international defence industry companies.

The electronic testing and demo events – organised by the Ministry of Defence and its partners as part of Electronic Warfare 2017–2021, and held in Tartu – have shown that other countries have great confidence and interest in the electronic warfare exercises taking place here.

The added value of the project is the ability to test and certify products and developments in the defence industry, which would help increase the international interoperability of products and thus increase the export potential of our industry.

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