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Minister of Defence of Estonia approves Ukrainian Defence Assistance Package

28. August 2021 - 11:52

Minister of Defence of Estonia, Kalle Laanet has approved Ukrainian Defence Assistance Package, according to which a field hospital, developed by the Estonian company, will be donated by Germany to Ukraine, as well as opportunity to join the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn will open to Ukraine and several other projects to strengthen Ukraine´s defence capability, will continue.

"Today Ukraine is holding the front line that separates Europe from a military conflict with Russia. Almost every day, a Ukrainian soldier is killed in this conflict. It is in our and West´s direct interest to comprehensively support Ukraine so that Ukraine can stand up to the aggressor," Minister of Defence Laanet said. According to Laanet in the process of preparing the Ukrainian Defence Assistance Package the MoD evaluated both the efficiency as well as possibilities for the support to be most effective.

In addition to the field hospital and joining the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre, Estonia will continue to support Ukraine by providing medical care to wounded Ukrainian soldiers, participating in the military exercises in Ukraine, training the Special Forces units and by conducting the English language training to the Ukrainian soldiers, as well as supporting the training of Ukrainian officers in the Baltic Defence College, in Tartu.

In addition to bilateral activities, Estonia is supporting Ukraine trough international cooperation formats and programs, in particular those aimed at NATO Partner countries. Estonia's defence cooperation with Ukraine is close and mutually beneficial - Estonia can share its knowledge and experience and learn from the experience that Ukraine gains from the ongoing conflict.

Defence assistance to Ukraine programs are actively addressed since the beginning of the 2000s.