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Minister of Defence Laanet in Ukraine: the war has not left Kyiv

29. April 2022 - 14:40
Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet visited Ukraine.
Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet visited Ukraine.

According to Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet, who is visiting Ukraine, last night’s rocket attacks on Kyiv show that war continues to rage across Ukraine.

Last night, a rocket attack took place against Kyiv, where two rockets hit civilian targets. The minister and his delegation were in Kyiv during the attack, but no one was injured.

Laanet met yesterday in Kyiv with the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, his two deputies, and the leadership of the Ukrainian Army. The minister visited the shattered cities of Bucha, Irpin, and Berdyanka.

‘The forces of the Russian Federation have unjustifiably killed civilians and left behind destroyed settlements. Intense battles in Eastern and Southern Ukraine are extremely critical for Ukraine and the Western world as a whole. We call on our allies to move from words to actions, to help Ukraine win this war and rebuild the country,’ said Minister of Defence Laanet.

‘I informed Minister of Defence Reznikov that Estonia is ready to supply Ukraine with additional heavy weapons and to organise the training of the Ukrainian Defence Forces in the use of Western weapons,’ Laanet added.

The ministers also spoke about the current fighting in Eastern Ukraine, the importance of strategic communication, the situation in Belarus, the latest developments in the regions of Transnistria and Moldova, and Ukraine’s need for additional assistance.

During the meeting with the mayors of Berdyanka, Bucha and Irpin, Minister of Defence Laanet was told about the suffering of the local people. In addition, the Minister visited Hostomel Antonov Airport, which was the site of the first attacks by and a battlefield for the Russian Federation throughout the month. To date, Russian troops have been expelled from all these areas.

The delegation accompanying the Minister of Defence also included Colonel Vahur Murulaid, Estonian Defence Attaché to Ukraine, who, together with Lieutenant Colonel Andris Sprivuli, has been in Kyiv without interruption since the beginning of the war.

Today, Ukraine is fighting not only for its independence but for the security of Europe as a whole. It is extremely important for Estonia to fully support Ukraine so that they can win the war and not let the Russian Federation achieve its strategic goals. Estonia was one of the first countries to start supporting Ukraine with military assistance. To date, Estonia has provided EUR 230 million in military assistance. We have provided Javelin anti-tank missiles, 122-mm howitzers, anti-tank mines and cannons, light weaponry, various ammunition, vehicles, fuel (in cooperation with private companies), communications equipment, medical supplies, personal protection gear (protective vests, helmets, etc.) and military food rations. In cooperation with Germany, we donated and delivered to Ukraine a field hospital and medical supplies worth almost EUR 10 million.


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