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Minister of Defence Laanet visited exercise Spring Storm

27. May 2021 - 11:28
Minister of Defence Laanet visited exercise Spring Storm. Photo: Estonian Defence Forces
Minister of Defence Laanet visited exercise Spring Storm. Photo: Estonian Defence Forces

Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet met with Estonian servicemen and Allied soldiers participating in the Spring Storm training exercise at the Central Training Area to obtain an overview of this year’s readiness test for conscripts, i.e. Spring Storm.

Minister of Defence Laanet noted that despite the change in the format of the training exercise, nothing critical is being left undone – the main goal of Spring Storm is to assess the units that are completing their training cycle, which is something that can and will be done this year as well. “Conducting training exercises is an important part of deterrence and shows a potential aggressor that we contribute to training even when faced with difficult situations,” said Laanet.

Major General Indrek Sirel, Deputy Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces, gave Laanet an overview of the content of this year’s Spring Storm, and Laanet was accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Roosnurm, who was responsible for planning Spring Storm. “Spring Storm is the ultimate example of cooperation and interoperability – where active duty, conscripts, reservists and Allies exercise to defend Estonia,” said Laanet.

Laanet also met with Allied units during the training exercise, who are providing a significant strategic dimension to the training exercise – the proportion of Allied tanks taking part is higher this year, while attack, reconnaissance and transport helicopters are taking part in the same proportion as last year, with fifth-generation F-35 fighters participating in the exercise for the first time, and the launching of UK Hellfire air-to-surface missiles also set to take place, the Polish coastal defence unit is also traditionally participating in Spring Storm.

In addition, Laanet met with Colonel Vahur Karus, Commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Tõnis Vauga, Commander of the 22nd Infantry Battalion, and Colonel Tarmo Mets, Commander of the 2nd Infantry Brigade.


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