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Minister of Defence Pevkur: it is important to find a long-term solution for greater Allied presence

28. September 2022 - 13:11
Ühendkuningriigi üksuse tseremoonia Tapal.
Ühendkuningriigi üksuse tseremoonia Tapal.

Commenting on the news today concerning the troops from the United Kingdom in Estonia, Estonian Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur said that it is important to emphasise that the Allied presence in Estonia is constant. The UK and Estonia are in the process of developing a long-term solution and putting in place the details of implementing the Madrid Summit decisions.

„At the last NATO summit, the allies took a clear position – the eastern flank of NATO, including the defence of Estonia, will be strengthened. First and foremost, that means the assignment of an additional brigade from the UK to Estonia, creating a division-level structure based on Estonian and British brigades, and the renewal of NATO’s regional plans, which also include the plans for defending Estonia,“ said Pevkur.

According to the minister, Estonia’s objective is to increase the footprint of the allies in Estonia. „Today, the British-led main contingent in Tapa will remain. It includes ca 900 men and heavy equipment. French and Danish units are also here, with the latter having arrived this month with a new unit and Leopard tanks. At the Ämari Air Base, the Baltic Air Policing mission will continue, and the rotation there was just recently assumed by the Germans. So we can say already now that there has never been as much allied firepower in Estonia as there is now,“ said minister Pevkur.

„Of course, understandably our interest is in increasing the footprint of the allies even faster, which is why in addition to the bigger NATO plans, we are also holding bilateral talks with various allies, so the Estonian people can rest assured, knowing that Estonia is defended,“ added Pevkur.

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