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Defence Policy

The purpose of the Estonian security policies is to ensure Estonia’s independence and freedom, territorial integrity, constitutional regime, and the security of the population.

The most important document that provides the foundation for the Estonian security politics is the National Security Concept of the Republic of Estonia (NSC). The NSC identifies the generalised goals, principles, and trends of security policies. Strategic documents, which specify the national efforts by spheres, all rely upon the NSC. For the purposes of defence policies, the document concerned is the National Defence Strategy.

The National Defence Strategy will be drawn up on the bases of the strategic document for long-term and future-orientated planning of defence policies; the resulting document will identify the military capacities that are most important for protecting Estonia and planning the means for their development by ten year periods.


Integrated National Defence Concept

Estonia’s defence policies are based on plausible deterring, which should convince possible compromisers of Estonia’s security that damages resulting from attacking Estonia will outweigh the possible benefits.

An integrated approach to national defence represents one of the most important principles for the implementation of Estonian defence policies. According to the approach observed by the Riigikogu, the pooled efforts of whole state will be implemented to ensure Estonia’s security in the event of a military threat. Therefore, national defence has a scope that extends beyond military defence and which also involves international activities, civil sector support to military national defence, psychological defence, ensuring domestic security, and the consistence of vital services – regardless of the threat scenario.


Co-operation with NATO and the European Union

Estonia as a NATO member state can enjoy the principles of collective defence, which means that aggression against any one of the member states shall be deemed as an aggression against the whole alliance. The European Union membership merges Estonia with the European economic and legislative space, Common European Foreign and Security Policy, and European Security and Defence Policy, which has increased the safety in the Baltic Sea region and throughout Europe.


Participation in International Operations

Contributing to the solving of international crises serves Estonia’s interests. By participating in international military operations, Estonia will contribute both immediately and in general to the security of Europe and the world as whole. This is the reason why Estonia is actively taking part in international military operations.


Last updated: 2 April 2018