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Mission, Vision & Core Values


To deter attacks against Estonia and ensure that Estonia is capable for defending itself against external threats


Vision 2022

  • National defence is broader than just military defence and this understanding is instilled in society
  • Military defence spending is guaranteed at a level of at least 2 percent of GDP and is aimed primarily at developing military capabilities
  • NATO collective defence is effective and reliable and takes the form of deterrence, defence plans, exercises and allied presence
  • Estonia’s impact and effectiveness in NATO and the European Union are greater than our size would presume
  • Estonia has strong regional and bilateral defence cooperation
  • Our personnel are dedicated, motivated and experts in their field
  • Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to national defence
  • The people’s will to defend their country is high and the Defence Forces and Defence League garner over 80% trustworthiness and approval ratings from the public

Core Values

  • Responsibility and resolve. We work conscientiously to increase our security so that Estonia’s constitutional order endures. We value everyone’s contribution in this regard.
  • Openness and innovativeness. We are an open and united team, ready to respond rapidly to changes in the security environment. We use our human resources flexibly, innovatively and in a targeted manner.
  • Clarity of mind and purpose, performance. Our activities and decisions are well thought through, systematic and based on clear supporting arguments. We know the “what,” “why” and “how” of our actions and take the initiative in a transparent and understandable manner both inside the country and internationally.
  • Respect and loyalty. We safeguard and respectfully perpetuate our traditions and historical legacy. We are loyal to Estonia.


Last updated: 31 May 2014