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Estonia donated missiles of anti-tank weapon system Javelin to Ukraine

18. February 2022 - 18:27
Estonia donated missiles of anti-tank weapon system Javelin to Ukraine.
Estonia donated missiles of anti-tank weapon system Javelin to Ukraine.

Missiles of anti-tank weapon system Javelin, donated by the Estonian Defence Forces, arrived in Ukraine today.

„This is a small step by Estonia in support of Ukraine, but it is a real and tangible contribution to defence against Russian aggression,“ said Lieutenant General Martin Herem, Commander of Estonian Defence Forces. „At the moment, these missiles are more useful for Estonia's security in defence of Ukraine rather than at a live fire exercise on an Estonian training area.“

„Our Estonian friends have sent us highly needed and effective modern Javelin anti-tank missiles. I am really grateful to the people, Government and Ambassador of Estonia to Ukraine for the steadfast support in such difficult times,“ said Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Volodymyr Havrylov. „Donated equipment will be immediately handed over to our troops on the field.“

„The security situation at Ukraine's border today requires comprehensive practical assistance; words alone are clearly no longer enough. Weapon aid in the form of Javelin missile systems has reached the Ukrainians. We have made quick and timely decision to support Ukraine, which today maintains a European front line that separates us from the war,“ Minister of Defence of Estonia, Kalle Laanet said. According to Laanet the step of Estonia and other Baltic countries to support Ukraine with arms has a significant impact the defensive will of the Ukrainian´s. „In difficult situations, it is always important to keep the initiative, which we have certainly taken by sending weapons assistance,“ Laanet added.

Missiles of Javelin weapon system, donated to Ukraine, were acquired from the USA. Under the terms of the contract, donation of missiles required consent of the United States, which was received.

Javelin shoulder-operated portable medium-range anti-tank missile system operates on a so-called shoot-and-forget method, which means that after launching the missile automatically guides itself to the target and allows the shooter to take cover.

Javelin missiles are capable of hitting the target directly and from above. Its effective range is around two kilometres. Javelins are in the armament of Estonian Defence Forces since 2015.

Javelin missile system has been used by the United States and many other countries since the mid-1990s and has been used successfully in Iraq in 2003 against armoured vehicles and later in the fight against Afghan insurgents.