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Pevkur in Kyiv: Estonia to send Ukraine artillery ammunition and other military aid worth 20 million euros

21. March 2024 - 12:11
Kaitseminister Hanno Pevkur Kiievis
Kaitseminister Hanno Pevkur Kiievis

Today in Kyiv at a meeting with his Ukrainian colleague Rustem Umerov, Estonian Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur announced that Estonia will send the next package of military aid to Ukraine, in the worth of 20 million euros. The newest package includes artillery ammunition rounds that are critically needed to counter Russian aggression.

“The package includes recoilless anti-tank guns, explosives, various types of artillery ammunition, gas masks, sniper equipment, smaller calibre ammunition and more. We put this package together focussing on providing the maximum benefit to Ukraine while making sure to not diminish Estonian defence readiness,” said Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur.

The latest aid package includes 155 mm calibre shells, which is Estonia’s additional contribution to the European Union’s initiative to send one million shells to Ukraine. The replenishment of Estonia’s contribution will be partly financed by Denmark. Exact quantities are not public for reasons of security.

“The overview that Defence Minister Umerov gave us about the situation on the battlefield confirmed that this package is very much needed. However, it also showed clearly what moving towards summer, Ukraina needs first and foremost: ammunition, all elements of air defence, and also spare parts and electronic warfare equipment,” commented minister Pevkur after his meeting with Ruslan Umerov, Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

Previously, Estonia supplied Ukraine with, for example, Javelin anti-tank missiles, howitzers, artillery ammunition, anti-tank mines, anti-tank grenade launchers, mortars, vehicles, communications equipment, field hospitals (also in cooperation with Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Iceland), medical supplies, personal protective equipment (helmets and so on) and dry rations.

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